A fuse is a device that, by the fusion of one or more of its specially designed and proportioned components, opens the circuit in which it is inserted and breaks the current when this exceeds a given value for a sufficient time. The fuse comprises all the parts that from the complete device. ( BS 88).

In that type of fuse, the fuse wire or element can carry short circuit heavy current for a known time period. During this time if the fault is removed, then it does not blow off otherwise it blows off or melts.

  • Up to 63A for Clip - on Tag & 125A for Bolted Tag fuses
  • Fully Insulated & Shrouded, Patented range & types
  • Suitable for Ganging; Add - On Neon Indicator
  • Front Connecting / Front & Back Stud / Double Back Stud
  • DIN rail mountable versions also available upto 100A