The Bussmann standard range of high breaking capacity fuse links for low voltage industrial and general purpose applications meet the requirements of BS88 and IEC60269. By using advanced fuse technology the current ratngs up to 400A have compact dimensions but still within the standardised dimensional and performance requirements. These designs have been optimised for 415/240V systems.

Cooper Bussmann British style products use innovative arc quenching techniques and high grade materials to provide:

  • Conforms to BS88 Part 4, IEC 60269 - 4
  • Current range 6A to 900A; voltage rating 240V & 690Vac;
  • UL Recognised
  • Rated breaking capacity - 200kA;
  • Compact dimensions to give size, performance & cost benefits
  • Minimal energy let through (12t), Low peak arc voltage, Excellent DC performance
  • Accessories - fuse blocks, trip indicators and micro-switches


High speed fuses protect sensitive devices and power semiconductors from short-circuits, and are specifically designed to minimize the I2t, peak let-through current and arc voltage

A fuse block can either be independent, where each fused circuit has an input wire and an output wire, or ganged, where power is shared among all the circuits.

  • Power efficiency
  • Completely tested
  • Light weight