Thermocouple is a sensor used to measure temperature. Thermocouples are made with two wires of different metals, joined together at one end to form a junction. Naturally, a thermocouple outputs a millivolt signal, therefore, as the resistance changes, the change in voltage can be measured.

A thermocouple is comprised of at least two metals joined together to form two junctions. One is connected to the body whose temperature is to be measured; this is the hot or measuring junction.


Resistance Temperature Detector is a device which used to determine the temperature by measuring the resistance of pure electrical wire. This wire is referred to as a temperature sensor. If we want to measure temperature with high accuracy, RTD is the only one solution in industries..

It manufactures a complete line of resistance temperature sensors that include resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermistors and the ENVIROSEALâ„¢ HD temperature sensor for heavy duty applications in harsh environments. Watlow's platinum resistance elements are specially designed to ensure precise and repeatable temperature measurement. RTDs and thermistors are accurate, sensitive, standardized and interchangeable.


A variety of sensor accessores have such as fittings, Thermowells,Protection Tubes ,Connectors,Connection Heads and Blocks ,Transmitters

It offers a full line of accessories to accommodate your varying sensor requirements. These support products can be used to install and maintain your temperature sensor assemblies.


wire sensors are low-cost, compact sensors which accurately measure the position or change in position of objects. Core components of a draw wire sensor are a precision measuring wire and a sensor element (e.g. potentiometer or encoder), which convert the path change into a proportional electrical signal

All stock wire can be shipped next day for your convenience. Watlow can also custom manufacture wire using alloys and insulation types to meet your specific application demands for high-volume requirements.

A Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) is a device with a significant temperature coefficient (that is, its resistance varies with temperature). It is used as a temperature measurement device, usually by passing a low-level current through it and measuring the voltage drop.


Mineral insulated cable is ideally suited to solve a wide variety of problem applications. The outer sheath is made from malleable metal in a wide range of diameters, containing single or multiple solid conductors. Easily formed or bent, it can accommodate virtually any configuration. The outer sheath protects the thermocouple from oxidation and hostile environments, and the mineral insulation provides excellent high temperature dielectric strength.

MI are intended to be installed in critical safety circuits which are used to operate under fire conditions in severe applications where the mechanical cables performances are primarily required.