Cylindrical Fuse holders are supporters for fuses with size up to 22x58mm. They are capable of working under heat caused by rated current and expected short impacting current up to 100KA. It can also function as a fuse disconnecting switch by multi-phase combination.

It can be supplied with or without signal detectors. In the case of devices with signal detector, a small electronic device with LED is located behind an inspection window in the plug-in module. If the inserted fuse link is tripped, this is indicated by the LED flashing..

  • P20 finger safe protection, 35mm DIN Rail or panel mounted
  • Available in single and multi-pole configurations
  • UL recognized and CSA component certified
  • Indicating / Striker versions with micro switch attachment
  • Neutral links for all sizes also available
  • Self-extinguishable polyester material, UL94VO flammability rating